Our Arcade Machines are the best bespoke retro upright arcade cabinet in the world. Not only have they got the best specifications to date, but also have an unbeatable, exceptionally well-conceived and seamless design made from literally the best quality materials money can buy – these are the best cabinets you can find!

Each of our machines are custom made for each customer and play exactly how they were meant to be played in the arcade.

Starting Price 3800€

Technical specification

  • 2-player cabinet
  • 32" Full HD display
  • Quality Q Acoustic speakers
  • A high quality adjustable volume control amplifier
  • Headphone socket
  • Arcade Europe controller PCB and wiring harness
  • A high end CPU Intel I5 processor – Kaby Lake
  • Intel SSD System disc M.2
  • Western Digital HDD – 2TB
  • 8G DDR4 Hyper savage memory
  • MSI SLI Gaming Board
  • WI-FI/Internet
  • Windows 10
  • Arcade Europe Menu System
  • Hot swappable SSD/HDD memory card holder (SATA) for drive expansion
  • 4x USB outlets (USB 2.0 + USB3.0)
  • A central super charger socket for phones and other devices using USB
  • 3D design consultation, including button variations (different designs possible)
  • Full arcade game support
  • Full console game support
  • Media functions
  • High quality Japanese competition buttons – Seimitsu as standard
  • High quality Japanese Joysticks – Sanwa as standard
  • Lasercut Stainless steel custom joystick support plates
  • LED RGB rear lighting kit with remote
  • Full plug and play system – no need for new installations
  • Jukebox features
  • Multimedia features
  • Video and film capability
  • 3D design consultation, including button variations (different designs possible)
  • Standard EU Warranty
  • Rear safety power on/off switch
  • CE approved machine


The AES-24 features a classic, retro style arcade design with an impeccable finish. We match high quality Sanwa competition parts with custom made fittings and leading brand technical components as standard to create the highest quality arcade machine on the market. With SSD drives and Kaby Lake CPUs you will be playing all of your favorite games in seconds.

This compact machine features high quality stereo speakers, a central subwoofer and a slick fitted volume controller producing a loud, deep, clear sound for your music, movies and most importantly your games.

The AES-24 is fitted with a memory card bay as standard. This includes a hot swappable SSD/HDD bay and a USB flash hub, allowing you to upgrade your system via the quick release supported memory card bay.

These technical elements are combined with the custom Arcade Europe menu system, which offers a polished, easy to use interface designed specifically for the 5 button gaming joysticks – navigating to your favorite games couldn’t be easier!

Menu System

As all of our machines the AES is fitted with the superb Arcade Europe easy menu system.

This AES series is the smallest of all our machines but still boasts the the arcade europe 5 button menu so you can easily scroll through all your favourite games, systems and various options using the custom designed control panel.

Rather than providing you with a series of games we set our machines up ready to play what you want; Arcade Europe’s Professional Gaming systems come pre-configured, ready to use emulators and run all of the latest PC games.

If there is a system you specifically want to use we probably already provide it – and if not we will be able to add it for you, just let us know your requirements.

Which ever menu system you choose we will configure this specifically for your use. From wallpapers, reels, titles, logos gaming menus and art work there are many variables which we will customise for you, ensuring you get the gaming experience that is perfect for you; a unique product nobody else will have!

Sound System

All AES machines feature high quality stereo speakers, a central subwoofer and a slick fitted volume controller producing a loud, deep, clear sound for your music, movies and most importantly your games!

The control pod is positioned discretely underneath the control panel near where you can easily access the power and volume controls or listen in private using the headphone jack.

Bass level is a matter of taste. The separate volume control lets you adjust the level of low-end produced by the subwoofer without changing the volume of the satellite speakers. You can optimize the level of bass to your personal preference. You can also use the independent volume control for as you may want to adjust the bass level to appropriately tune and balance the system in that specific environment.

Warranty and returns

This machine comes with a full 24 month manufacturer’s parts warranty, first 3 months onsite servicing free.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are experts in designing and building custom arcade cabinets and will be happy to talk about the ideal entertainment system for you.