We are proud to present our superb new next generation sit down arcade machine the AESC-48.

This new sit down cabinet is truly breathtaking; combining cutting edge design with the latest technology this machine delivers an unmatchable home arcade experience.

This machine not only includes all the power of our AER stand-up and AES machines, but boasts a superb 48″ Ultra HD 4K display!

Starting Price 4200€

Technical specification

  • 2-player machine
  • Trackball
  • 48" Ultra 4K Display
  • Quality Q Acoustic speakers
  • A high quality adjustable volume control amplifier (including headphone sockets)
  • Arcade Europe controller PCB and wiring harness
  • A high end CPU Intel I5 processor – Kaby Lake
  • Intel SSD System disc M.2
  • Western Digital HDD – 2TB
  • 8G Kingston memory
  • MSI SLI Gaming Board
  • WI-FI/Internet
  • Windows 10
  • Arcade Europe Menu System
  • Hot swappable SSD/HDD memory card holder (SATA) for drive expansion
  • 4x USB outlets (USB 2.0 + USB3.0)
  • A central super charger socket for phones and other devices using USB
  • A wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Full arcade game support
  • Full console game support
  • Media functions
  • High quality Japanese competition buttons – Seimitsu as standard
  • High quality Japanese Joysticks – Sanwa as standard
  • Lasercut Stainless steel custom joystick support plates
  • LED RGB rear lighting kit with remote
  • Full plug and play system – no need for new installations
  • Jukebox features
  • Multimedia features
  • Video and film capability
  • 3D design consultation, including button variations (different designs possible)
  • Lightgun sensor
  • Xbox controller package - 2x Xbox controllers
  • Console shelf
  • Standard EU Warranty
  • Rear safety power on/off switch
  • CE approved machine

Designs and technology

The AESC-48 sit down cabinets are the most beautiful looking bespoke next generation sit down machines available. Again, these machines boast the highest specifications to date, whilst also offering an unbeatable, exceptionally well-conceived and seamless design made from the best quality materials you can buy.

We are so confident that these are the best cabinets you can find that we patent and protect our designs.

Control Panel Design

What we believe really sets us apart from our competition is our dedication to giving our customers exactly what they want. We deliver high quality gaming parts to deliver a design that you have specified.

We think that the most important part of your dream cabinet is your connection to it; the control panel is what connects you to these breath-taking systems. Designing these machines is something we want the customers to have input on – we want to deliver exactly what you ask for.

We can offer replica control layouts and custom layouts, custom brackets for panels, keyboards, guns and controller accessories. Attention to detail is the calling card of our design and build process – if we can deliver that dream machine we’ve done our job!

Arcade Europe Easy Menu System Options

All the AESC machines come with Arcade Europes easy menu system which is also fully customisable to you. You an easily scroll through all your favourite games, systems and various options using the custom designed control panel.

Just like our superb stand-up machines these systems boot up effortlessly within 10 seconds of pressing the power switch!

Arcade Europe service center

Our involvement and support doesn’t end the minute we ship your cabinet; for the first year we are happy to provide telephone, skype, email and remote-access support for any query you may have. Additionally we provide three months on site servicing and warranty on all new cabinets.

Warranty and returns

This machine comes with a full 24 month manufacturer’s parts warranty, first 3 months onsite servicing free.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are experts in designing and building custom arcade cabinets and will be happy to talk about the ideal entertainment system for you.