Daytona USA Twin

DAYTONA® USA is the holy grail of arcade racing – First launched in 1994, this brand new entry brings Sega’s #1 racer screeching into the 21st century! DAYTONA® Championship USA features three brand new tracks including a recreation of the newly renovated DAYTONA International Speedway®! In addition, the original three classic courses have been remastered for the modern era.

Sega has gone all out to stand out from the pack! Lit from top to bottom DAYTONA® even has a moulded under seat engine! New game features include a live camera feed so you can enjoy maximum bragging rights as you overtake your friends!

Also, brand new to DAYTONA® is the ‘Live TV’ inspired video billboard. This brand new feature allows spectators to see what’s happening in the race, whether it’s a crash, a pass for position or to find out who’s winning or losing! Have you got what it takes to take the flag again…. because DAYTONA® is back!

Outrun 2 Twin

OutRun 2 SP 2 Car Special Attraction is an exhilarating driving experience form Sega and Ferrari, featuring massive 62″ displays and motion based cars.

Unique driver switching system allows both players to drive the same car.

Storm Racer Motion D/X

Storm Racer takes arcade racing to a new level with a super fast driving experience like no other! Storm Racer will have players coming back again and again to master the 12 cars and 14 tracks available in the game! Storm Racer is also linkable up to 8 players for the ultimate arcade racing competition!


Target Bravo, Theatre

Target Bravo: Operation Ghost puts players in the shoes of highly trained special force agents. They must use precision shooting and quick reactions to complete the mission whilst using some of the brand new tools at their disposal in this brand new 55” LED” Theatre edition of the evergreen Sega franchise!

As well as new weapons, gadgets and equipment, Target Bravo: Operation Ghost allows players to start at any stage of the game, thereby encouraging them to come back and play their favourite stages again and again!

House of Dead

HOTD – 4 introduces a great many new features while maintaining the overall feel of the HOTD franchise.

A new weapon. Your main weapon is a modified version of sub-machine gun.

New reload technique. A simple shake of your sub-machine gun delivers a new clip of rounds. With all those Zombies, you won’t want to run out of bullets.

Hand Grenade. Push the button on the side of your sub-machine gun and watch your character toss a fragmentation grenade at the enemy. You’ll want to save them for when the crush of Zombies is too much to drive back with your sub-machine gun.

Gun Shaking Combat. If a Zombie gets hold of you, shake your sub-machine gun and wiggle free. You’ll momentarily stun the Zombie giving you a short window of time to reload and fire!

Two violence and blood settings let operators go from mild to extreme gaining greater location and community acceptance.