The Nexus was created for those desiring the satisfaction and cost savings associated with a home assembly project machine, but also want the features and highest Arcade Europe quality. The Nexus is the sister cabinet of the Onyx, our flagship cabinet, and as such it has been designed to impress. The unit comes with two sets of buttons and joysticks with a choice of cable loom between Jamma and PC. Once assembly of the cabinet is complete, all that’s required is to add your own computer/game board, speakers and monitor of your choice.


Price  890 EURO










Our new NEXUS Sit Down Arcade Cabinet is finished in high quality laminate board .

This machine is fully customisable, choose your finish colour, button and joystick manufacturer and colours!


Technical Specification

  • 2 Player model
  • Takes up to a a 32″ HD display
  • High quality board
  • High quality edging