From the beginning, tell me a brief description about Arcade Europe

Arcade started with one guy from the UK, a big idea and an 8 year old computer. AE evolved in to a full design and production facility on the back on one guys dream to breath new life into Arcade Machines design with an obsession for design and a strangely addictive passion to provide a quality never seen before.

Why would I buy from Arcade Europe?

At Arcade Europe we make you the exact arcade cabinet you want to the exact specification you wish. We design and present our arcade machines with photorealistic renderings and animations before we manufacture your dream arcade machine. Our design and quality are unparallel on the market to the point we patented the whole range!


Best Arcade Machines UK? Best arcade machines in europe? That’s a big statement – how do Arcade Europe’s arcade machines differ from the rest of the market?

Design and quality are what makes Arcade Europe so different. We fabricate and manufacture each component in Arcade Europe. Every millimetre of an Arcade Europe arcade cabinet was drawn and designed in 3D CAD software before being prototyped and fabricated. We build and produce within our own eco–system of parts meaning that not only do we control the quality but can truly provide an arcade cabinet that is unique to the market and beautiful inside and out.


Are all parts made in house at Arcade Europe?

Yes! we design in house and build in house meaning we are not needing to rely on third party sub quality components. We are the only arcade manufacturer to honestly say we use only Arcade Europe components!


Where are Arcade Europe’s arcade machines manufactured?

They are made in house at Arcade Europe! 100% designed in house on CAD software and sent to the CNC and hand finished with our ancillary laser cut parts and fittings.



OK, so your bespoke arcade machines are made in house, why does that make them better than the competition?

Inside an Arcade Europe arcade cabinet you will see every component are marked with the AE logo. We created and developed our own ECO system made up on custom cut laser steel brush plate to our Aerospace grade PCB production.


OK point proven, but why would I pick an Arcade Europe arcade machine in the UK over any other arcade manufacturer in the UK or in Europe?

We offer a product and service which is unique and unparalleled anywhere in the world. All our machines and technology have been developed and perfected over years. All the Arcade cabinets are patented and fully protected. Arcade Europe arcade machines are truly unique in this way.

On top of quality is the fact that we are truly the only true custom arcade cabinet manufacturer who are able to produce 100%  in house. The market is plagued with arcade cabinet kits and game boards – we strive relentlessly to bring a quality product to market at a superb price.

Except no substitutes!

That all sounds great, but can I have custom arcade machine?

Yes! this is what we do best! colour match, graphics and artwork, matching furniture décor –  yes! We produce photorealistic 3D images and animations until you are happy with your machine before we go ahead and produce the final arcade cabinet.

During this process we can match furniture decor and we can create artwork for you.

Can I buy an arcade machine in the UK from a distributor?

No, Arcade Europe arcade machines are unique and patented and can only be purchased from the manufacturer directly. We do not work with any re-sellers and or distributors. Arcade Europe arcade machines in the UK or Europe are not for rent

What about accessories, can I have Arcade Lightguns?

Yes, we are 100% dedicated to our range of products we have developed our own Lightguns that work with all games and systems without the need for configuration or installation.

We designed and developed our arcade machine lightgun unit over years until this was finely tuned and perfected! The lightgun can only be purchased through Arcade Europe and is developed and manufactured in house at arcade Europe.

(The PCB, ancillary parts and casing are all made at Arcade Europe, nothing is third party)


Ok, so I know what I want how do I order?

Short and simple! Once you’ve seen the selection of arcades machines write us an email or call through to discuss which arcade machine you would like, from here we will send you a quotation once greed we will start building your machine taking the next exciting steps!

3D Animations

3D renderings

Specification confirmation

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