Arcade Sticks

Arcade Europe are proud to present our new multi platform arcade joystick series classic arcade stick AEJS.

The AEJS series comes in three standard configurations: single player, two player and two player with trackball. As with all of our products these configurations are entirely customisable to your own exact specifications.

You can use one of our beautifully designed AEJS series arcade sticks on any home console or PC! One cable plug and play and you are away – no complicated installation or need to download drivers.

One connection is all you need

The AEJS series come as standard with high quality original Sanwa or Semitsu parts; alternatively we can use what you desire whether it be HAPP or another variant we can build it for you.

The AEJS is another seamless design series which we believe cannot be beaten. Like all of our machines the quality is superb and this stick is simply unbreakable!

With quality internal parts and design the heart and soul of our product you will never be left with a second rate arcade stick!