• AE Hyper Alpha Arcade

    450.00 excl. VAT
    We are extremely excited to present the new Alpha Upright cabinet. In distinctive retro design, immaculately constructed using only the very finest materials available on the market, we have striven to achieve the highest quality bespoke machine, presented in natural wood with fine laminate finishing. The Alpha Upright is retro-designed to deliver classic arcade-standard gaming directly into your home or work place. Each unit is hand-made, offering a comprehensive range of bespoke features, such as wide colour palette and variety of wood grains, set-up for classic 30mm buttons, yet with custom-sizes, die-cuts for trackballs, coin doors etc all available on request, making the Alpha Upright’s design flexibility perfect for a personal DIY project. Constructed to the same exacting standards as our premium range, the machine is compatible with patented designs such as JAMMA, PC or Raspberry PI making the Omega Upright the finest unit of its kind we have the pleasure to offer. Please contact us today for more info below.

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