We proudly present our range of cabinet types. All our cabinets can be tailored to your specific requirements. Specific materials, finishes, materials, controls and colours can be catered for – the only limitation is your imagination!

Challenge us, we love big ideas!

Upright Arcade Machine – AER-24

Physically our smallest upright machine, there is no compromise on power or quality.

It has been designed in homage to the traditional arcade cabinets of the 80′, while retaining a modern design so it wont look out of place in the most modern home.

This cabinet delivers our most traditional overall experience while retaining a modern elegance.

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Upright Arcade Machine

Following the success of our versatile AE-32 upright, we are pleased to offer an alternative cabinet shape in the AES-24. Boasting the same high specifications and upgrade paths as it's sister machine, the AES-24 has been designed to be even more sympathetic to the classic arcade machine shape with softer lines and a more enclosed screen.

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Upright Arcade Machine – AES-32

Inspired by the larger cabinets of the classic arcade, this machine delivers an authentic retro game-play experience, combined with benefits of an advanced modern machine.

A respectful yet modern design, luxuriously large screen, upgraded sound system and wider control deck all combine to make an unrivaled gaming experience and the best upright gaming cabinet in the world.

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Sit Down Arcade Machine AESC-48

Designed to be the last word in gaming luxury, every detail of the cabinet has been styled with modern elegance.

The system itself comprises the most powerful gaming machine possible and combined with the generously sized screen, creates a cinema like level of immersion without parallel – all in seated comfort.

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Arcade Europe Bar Top – AEB-24

Due to popular demand we’re proud to introduce our bar top cabinet, designed to comfortably and elegantly fit any living space.

Boasting the same power, renowned quality and superior styling as the rest of our range with the added advantage of compact size, this exquisite unit delivers an authentic arcade experience for those without the space for a full sized machine.

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