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We’re extremely excited to offer a brand new cabinet design – in the shape of the AER-27 Type II.

Boasting the same state-of-the-art specifications and optimum upgrade paths as its sister machine, this reworked model has been painstakingly designed with an even greater nod to classic arcade gaming. With its more distinctive retro shape and further enclosed screen, Type II brings back all the glory and feel of the original 90s heyday.

This must-have addition to the AER range is guaranteed to blow away the purist arcade enthusiast.

Price 2399 GBP 

Price 2699 Euro 

All prices include TAX





The AER-27 series Arcade Machines feature authentic retro design with an impeccable finish.

We match top-of-the-range Sanwa competition parts with custom-made fittings and lead-brand technical components to create an unique product that we’re proud to present as the highest quality arcade machine on the market.

The AER-27 Arcade Machine is an Arcade dedicated machine, fitted with a high specification main board and CPU, and incredible sound system.

The AER-27 Type II plays Arcade systems from the Arcade Europe Arcade Reel Menu system. The AER series are dedicated to Arcade games with awesome CRT scanline effects.



AER Control Panel Design

The AER-27 Type II series feature a ful sheet steel custom designed control panel. Joysticks and buttons can be changed and replaced with ease on the panel. Buttons just snap or screw in, Joysticks screw in, with all components then connected to the Arcade Europe PCB via the wiring harness.

We supply photo-realistic animations and renderings for every individual machine we create, offering you both the excitement and peace-of-mind of seeing exactly how your own machine will look before we proceed to manufacture.


Technical Specification

  • 2 Player model
  • A 27″ HD display
  • High quality Speaker system with front mounted subwoofer
  • Headphone socket
  • Arcade Europe controller PCB and wiring harness
  • A high-end Intel Chipset
  • Intel SSD System disc M.2.2
  • Western digital storage HDD
  • 8G DDR4 Hyper savage memory
  • MSI Gaming Board
  • Windows 10 OS
  • Arcade Europe Menu System
  • Full arcade game support
  • High quality Japanese competition buttons – Seimitsu as standard
  • Lasercut Stainless steel custom joystick support plates
  • 3D design consultation, including button variations (different designs possible)
  • Standard EU Warranty
  • Power on/off switch
  • CE approved machine


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