Okay, so we have looked at some recent machines going out the Arcade Europe labs in recent posts, but the one thing we are asked about a lot is our biggest custom-made arcade system. A recent customer in Bratislava, Slovakia, said that SIZE mattered and that they wanted to WOW their guests, so we delivered the AES-50. Boasting size and oozing quality this is a monster of an arcade machine, packing in all the normal high-quality tech that you’ve come to expect, but with a whooping 50inch 4K UHD display.


We refer to this model as a Japanese style candy cab arcade machine which is a sit-down system and we think customers and their guests will need to sit down as soon as they see this spectacular machine. Another bespoke system designed for our customer who wanted far more that the standard spec and included Seimitsu buttons, sanwas competition joysticks, Qaccoustic performance speakers and intel i7 CPU. Yes, we’re biased, but we are proud of this flagship product which heads our line-up of patented unique arcade cabinets.



AESC-50 Arcade Cabinet