Arcade Europe has a global reach with machines heading off all around the world regularly. Our latest AES-32 home arcade machine is heading to Warsaw, Poland. Our customer specifically requested a retro arcade machine that would blend in with his home cinema system and games room – you can take a look at our bespoke proof of concept animations and images by clicking here. Whilst modelled on our AES-32 system, this custom cabinet was something special.


Arcade Europe spent some considerable time working with the customer to build the ultimate 4 player arcade machine, ensuring the optimum experience for all players was at the heart of this design. The 32 inch, 80 cm, HD display makes this one of our larger cabinets which gives us more freedom to include many of the extras this customer wanted. The quality of this machine extended beyond the carpentry and gadgetry by having custom commissioned artwork from the US included in the final product, it was themed to complement the retro games consoles on which this system would emulate.




4 player arcade machine